Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Buckle Up......

Safety First, I always make sure my blades are protected after each use so I don't stab myself. Even iin my tote bag everything sharp and pointy is covered and protected so that when I reach blindly into it I won't be stabbed.   And my guilotine is uniformly almost always put back in the down position, mostly because I know my eldest ""kitty kid has a habit of being able to open the heavy mind you sliding doors and jumping up where my guilotine is and it always has me thinking what if he pushes the lever down on his tail one day?

But with these cards we don't have to worry much about safety.  I love these buckles from
Spellbinders shapabilities collection.  I should have used more shim though to create a deeper impresion of the patterns on the buckles.  As time was of the essence I forwent the unique and detail of the design....I choose to let the buckles slide on the ribbon rather than affix them to the card.  Perhaps because I am tactile and it gives my hands something to do.  The buckle does look more finished off with bling added to it which was the suggestion of my non crafting dearest and fondest friend, who simply loves to watch other cpeople raft than actually craft herself.  I don't get it, but she assures me she is fascinated....

A5 Cream Cardstock - Mountin Fold
Die - Spellbinders - Shapeabilities Collection - Ladies Fashion Buckles
Embossing Folder - A2 QuicKutz - Flowers
Ribbon & Bling

Have a safe day, have a fun day everyone

Maree Long

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  1. Interesting concept! I like it. Haven't seen buckled cards before :)