This is such an easy recipe that it will now become a staple at Christmas time.  This is also what I used for my christmas in July with the crafting ladies........Fun Food and Friendship like all recipies you have to have the right ingredients.  On this event I had all the right ingredients,  lovely women out to enjoy themselves and make the vent as special for others as for themselves.  Talking, chatting, laughing, crafting and sharing.  And because its so easy and full proof you will find yourself making your own christmas cake - no more store bought for me.....THIS IS THE ONE! Go on try it! 

1 kg raisins or sultanas or mixed fruit
2 cups fruit juice
2 cups of self raising flour (I use) Gluten Free

Optional :
choc chips and or drinking chocolate  & flake or blanched almonds to decorate the top

soak fruit in juice for 2 hours or overnight, then simply add the flour, pour into a well greased and floured tin, top with almonds - approximately 1 - 2 hours on 180.  This cake also freezes well....I also covered the almonds for the first hour with alfoil or baking paper so it wouldnt burn the almonds flakes...

Here are some of the cards we used in our "Christmas Recipe"each person had to supply an element for each person ie ribbon, bling, paper and utilise a christmas embossing folder into the design of their card.