Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A Hoot of a time....

I made this card at a  craft camp with some very dear friends whose company I enjoy and enjoyed putting together these colors.  My younger sister who is an avid collector of all things owls and I do hope that she is still collecting as I have now,three special owls for her, to add to her collection.  Only they always seem to fly off and hide and I find them again promising myself I will post them.  One day.....

I borrowed Margies Two Step owl punch extra large from Stampin Up #118074.  And borrowing is an easy way to cut costs and help you decide if you really want to have that "must have' product.  Of course you can do all kinds of clever things with the owl punch like create monsters, aliens, penguins & octopus.  And you have to like working with  fiddly bits like the eyes and heart.  I used the leaf from Stampin Ups Two Step bird Extra Large punch which is even more versatile and one that was definitley a must have in my punch collection. I've yet to decide about the owl punch but most likely will make it's way into my collection next time I order.

When ever at any of these craft camps and get togethers we always have a good time as we build upon our friendships and share ideas and techniques....And this card is very basic, some matting, some ribbon but very effective when you use the right colors.  the ribbon was a pefect match for the print with the circles and orange dots

But I have yet to find a friend who will deter me from spending in a craft shop.  So perhaps a good friend is one who shares the same passion in life for crafting as you do and understands how you love paper and cardstock.  A better friend will know what color paper and what texture in cardstock you like.

Wishing you good friendship along lifes way

Maree Long

Good friends will have a positive influence on you. From Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 it talks of two are better than one, it's the same verse I used at my wedding and it's a benchmark for the kinds of friendships I select and you know what it makes sense - One can enocurage the other, pick up the other when down, stand together and hold your hand  .  but no better friend have I found than that which I have found in Jesus... John 15:12-14 (NIV) says, “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

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