Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A little birdie told me....

Again working with the same color them as I did the owl in my previous post, I went for simplicity.  Some basic matting and utilising the two step bird punch large from Stampin Up.  I inked the edge of the tag and folded over the ribbon upon itself underneath the tag.

Whilst I am posting my cards and so far so good, I did need a little help from my daughter to figure out how to get my photos from my laptop onto my main computer.  Clearly I can see I need to learn how to take pics of my cards and resize them.  A short intgerlude of shopping to pick up some unscheduled craft supplies ensues and then its back to the craft room. I get so excited every time when my daughter comes over for a mother and daughter day. 

And today I have the pleasure of my daughter crafting with me the whole day.  We have and understand the same kind of bent humor in most things, love color, design, textures. In fact my daughter is repsonbile for getting me into cardmaking. My daughter has a very keen eye for color and design and loves to keep things simple and clean.   I get very excited when ever my daughter and I get together, we laugh, we eat, we brainstorm, collaborate on each others projects.  It makes for a perfect day. 

But right now towards the closing of the day my craft room seems to have only one person whiling away the crafting hours.....   So I give a shout out, but no response comes,  I call out Marco?  but the obligatory Polo response, usually reserved for our shopping trips down the big aisles remains silent.  So a search party of one starts through the house and there curled up on my bed, I find my now grown baby with the "kitty kids' fast asleep.

Time to start preparing dinner...

Maree Long

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