Wednesday, 13 July 2011

No Greater Love...

Of course no greater love than Christs love for mankind.  But then there is the special kind of love a mother has for all her children.  You invest money, time, wisdom, kindness and hope that at the end of younger tender years of teaching your children will blossom into the kind of adults that you are proud of.  The kind of adults that are leaders full of love and kindness.

As a parent, love has been the motivating force in all that I did as a parent, even the bits that maybe I could have done better or wished I had done better.  My husband and I are very proud of all our children.  All are leaders in some measure in their daily life.  All take care of their partners and children.  All make sure just as my husband and I did to ensure our children have the chance to blossom and be strong individuals with rounded characters.  And I do think they blossom rather nicely.

So here's a quick card make dedicated to all those mums who loved their children with the kind of passion for love to blossom in the lives of their children.  To those kinds of mums who love unconditionally. So with my daughter by myside and a parcel from my God mother it certainly makes a great day perfect the next.    My Godmother has been such a mum who has always loved unconditionally, always imparting wisdom and showed the very best kind of friendship to my own mother all these years and been the best kind of God mother even into my adult years. I've always said my mum chose wisely.

With a surprise knock at the door, in a parcel, carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and yards of fabric I find a beautiful pink and gold trio set to add to my collection along with some vintage lace.  My Godmother always finds ways to inspire and encourage.  Whether that is in a postcard from a far off land (as she used to travel quite a lot) or in a kind word, a friendly and timely email or fwd, and of course in a most thoughtful gift.  This gift is one to be especially treasured as it belonged to my God mothers mother.  I am still in awe how it all arrived in one piece.

Treasured Trio

How exquisite is this trio and vintage lace!. How exquisite is my Godmothers love.  And I  love being surrounded by "love" gifts for it expresses and represents a reminder of the person whom I love and who has loved this case all of my 50 + years.

When you leave a comment on the card why not share about something you treasure.

Maree Long.

I have always thought children a gift from God - Psalm 127:3.  did you know the greek word philoteknos appears in reference to mothers loving their children? If you love your children you will want to affectionally embrace them, pour out your love on them, knowing that each child is unique and a special gift from God. Titus 2:4  I sometimes wonder if I embraced, hugged and told them enough how much I love them, but every time I see them I make especially sure they are told because they are a unique and treasured gift from God. 

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